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And this moss??? So cool. I hope it spreads out all over the driftwood

Is this Xmas moss? Taiwan moss? It’s not java??? I loveeeeeee my Xmas moss.

I dunno! It came with my shrimp

Could be weeping moss

shuwae, what kind of moss was it you sent with the shrimp??

I bought it as Christmas moss but not 100% on the ID as all moss looks the same to me :). There is a little java moss in there too. That I can ID.
fishesnstuff: The shrimp arrived! I'm about to acclimate them :] Looks like a couple passed away on the trip over, but that's expected. I'll count how many made it!

Thanks for letting me know! I was a little worried as they were delayed. Glad many made it!


I love how I close my door almost all the way but my dog always open it wide open when he comes in. He does not even stay in the room. He opens the door, circles around, and walks back out. If I close the door all the way, he scratches the door until I open him. 


To my followers who also followed my other tumblr, that tumblr is deleted. I have decided that I need something new and I will be too busy with changing my life. Plus a problem with another tumblr on that subject is being an ass and I hate drama so I rather get out before it annoys me.

I would have offered the tumblr to someone but it was my second one as this one is my main one. Well anyways, good luck on your pets and if you ever need help, forums are a great way to find your answers. You might be able to find me on a few too as I am not quitting the hobby.